Notte di Tempesta out next month at Fra Bernardo Media Label!


Notte Di Tempesta CoverWe are thrilled to announce that Claire's new CD Notte di Tempesta (recorded with Barrocade Ensemble and S. Kribus) will be released worldwide in June 2016 by the prestigious Fra Bernardo media label – state of the art in early music! The label writes of the CD: "Virtuosity in the late Baroque period was an intricate issue. On the one hand, its outward appearance is simple: the public attending the opera or a concert demanded to be overwhelmed by performers' technique. On the other hand, virtuosity served as a vehicle for profound drama; it provided imitation (of natural phenomena such as birds or storms, or instruments attempting to sound like voices and vice versa) and it often revealed composers' command over their craft. Supplying tailor-made arias for a star singer or concertos for a gifted performer, composers were often expected to demand all the special effects and tricks that performers had up their sleeve. For Handel and Vivaldi, such circumstances did not hinder inspiration." The CD is available here