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Ravel Hebrew Songs with the Israeli Camerata

"Soprano Claire Meghnagi is extraordinary… the emotional peak was Ravel's "Deux Melodies Hébraïques" (Kaddish from the prayer and L'énigme Eternelle in Yiddish) in Meghnagi's crystal clear singing"

Hagai Hitron, Ha'aretz, January 13, 2017

Notte di Tempesta CD Concert tour

"Virtuoso opening – "Da Tempesta" from Giulio Cesarea. Claire Meghnagi possesses a beautiful, crystal clear powerful voice, and delightful contemporary baroque style: beautiful ornaments and vibrato control all in the exact right amount… gorgeous sound. I especially loved the two arias sequence:  First lyric - "Wil the sun forget to streak" from Solomon, and immediately after the virtuoso coloratura aria "Che non puo la Gelosia" from Aci, Galatea e Polifemo. The last pieace was another virtuoso aria from Rinaldo that floated in Meghnagi's performance in spectacular ease and lightness. The audience demanded an anchor, and received Gershwin's Summertime.  Claire Meghnagi sang with much gleam and grace, and Barrocade's period instruments polished playing, full of rhythm and energy, showed how beautifully music crosses the limits of time. "

Amir Mandel, Ha'aretz. November 25, 2016

Notte di Tempesta CD Reviews

"Israeli Soprano Claire Meghnagi, particularly in demand as baroque singer, joins in a variety of Handel's arias. Outstanding in particular is Aci's aria Qui l'Augel da Pianta in Pianta (Aci, Galatea e Polifemo)... this stunning yet highly demanding aria, very high in tessitura, is performed by Meghnagi with remarkable sensitivity and extraordinary technique. Overall, Meghnagi's singing demonstrates how even intimate, quiet sentimental moments can be full of drama, like the Queen of Sheba's aria Will the Sun forget to Streak from Solomon, as the queen departs from Solomon."
E.Uzan, Yediot Achronot, May 27, 2016

S. Haddad/Stabat Mater, Intonations Festival, Berlin

"Claire Meghnagi accurately leads this short piece, giving it additional meaning with her very expressive soprano"

Udo Badelt, Der Tagesspiegel, 22.4.2016

"This year’s iteration set out to explore composers who have emigrated “for different reasons”, a theme which extends to the Jordanian, Germany-based Haddad. His approximately eight-minute work has a clear dramatic structure and moments of timbral poetry, the clarinet (Shirley Brill) keening together with soprano (Claire Meghnagi) before calling out over glassy strings in the final measures (conductor: Daniel Cohen)."

Rebecca Schmid, Financial Times, 24.4.2016

Handel - Giulio Cesare in Egitto (Cleopatra) / Estonian National Opera@ Tallin-TLV Festival

"Claire Meghnagi's wonderful Cleopatra, who most of all dazzled... with her humor, charisma, sex appeal and outstanding musicality and vocal production."
Music4awhile, February 29, 2016

"Extraordinary Israeli soloists Claire Meghnagi and Yaniv d'Or... demonstrated refined baroque style "

Ha'aretz, February 29, 2016

"Claire Meghnagi was vivacious and sensuous, performing each gesture, her voice gliding effortlessly into its upper register in "Non desperar" as she sang of her decision to use her beauty to seduce Caesar. In the darker "Piangerò la sorte mia" she crafted the melody line with pensive, exquisite elegance, lavishing feisty intensity on the middle section before returning the heartbreak of the first section with silky smoothness and fine ornamenting"

Pamela Hickman, March 4, 2016

"Lonely Bird" CD Reviews

"From first impression, all the very interesting songs gain special quality from the radiant and refined voice of Claire Meghnagi, and the exquisite playing of Irena Friedland. The reactions to the songs are expected to diverse, in my opinion, between emotional and intellectual... I immediately found very beautiful the opening song, "Hinakh Yafa Ra'ayati" connected with the Jewish tradition. The other songs use texts by poets Y. Horowitz, Y. Wollach, L.Goldberg (the CD's name is taken from her poem "In The hills of Jerusalem"), K. Moldovska, I. Manger, D. Pagis, N. Altermann, and some songs in Andalucía – Gypsy Flamenco style... This collection brings different characterizations of "bird", poetically and musically, and is based on the German Lied tradition... "Protest Song", the last song in the CD, written as a bitter parody, is a sort of deconstruction of the children "Hyacinth Song", which became a symbol of Israeli childhood. Zehavi's "Protest Song" refers to the superficial identity we like to adopt as a nation while exiling the African refugees seeking shelter in Israel.
Hagai Hitron, Ha'aretz

"My ears were captured, first and foremost, not by the songs with sweet and catchy melody, but songs that relate in one way or another to the tradition of the Art Songs, or other song traditions. The first, "Identity Problems" to poem by Yona Wollach: "Bird /What are you singing/it is somebody else that sings through your throat", that quotes the last song of Schubert's Winterreise. Or the last song, paraphrase on the very famous "Hyacinth Song" by R. Gvilli, to which Zehavi also wrote the lyrics. These are special, touching songs without doubt."

Yossi Schifmann, Habama

Poulenc - Les mamelles de Tirésias (Thérèse/Tirésias)

"In the title role of Thérèse/Tirésias, the perfect opera artist Claire Meghnagi... was exceptionally prominent as a top singer belonging to highest level"
(H. Hitron, Ha'aretz, 26.7.2015)

Special profile interview at the Israeli "Globes"

"This upcoming May Claire Meghnagi, one of Israel's most appreciated sopranos, will perform with the Italian Ensemble "Concerto de' Cavalieri"... The virtuoso pieces of the program will allow Meghnagi to showcase all the qualities that made her name renowned in the baroque performance field : virtuosic technique, flexibility, vocal gleam, deep touching expression, and most important – her rare willingness to go "all the way" emotionally, and give her all on stage, without being dragged into artificial mannerism"
From the special profile interview by Omer Shomrony, published in Globes, Israel's biggest business journal, April 28, 2015

globes p.2    globes p.1

Barrocade Ensemble - Handel GLORIA & Arias


"Written by the young Handel, the Gloria which was discovered at 2001, was truly dazzling - a remarkable technical display by Claire Meghnagi, demonstrating an astonishing vocal agility and powerful penetrating voice"

Hagai Hitron, Ha'aretz, 21.11.2014

"Claire Meghnagi was most prominent with her dramatic and impressive sound…"

Yossi Schiffman, Israeli Radio Kol Israel

The Sparkle of Baroque - Israeli Conservatory Baroque Series

"Soprano Claire Meghnagi stood in the center of the program, performing Italian and English music. It is a great pleasure to listen to this singer, who in recent years gained experience at the world's most important venues - and brought it here with her poised technique, expressive singing, superb acting skills and lots of humor."

Noam Ben Ze'ev, Ha'aretz, 14.3.2014

Wiener Akademie - The Infernal Comedy tour in Israel

"The greatest moment of perfect combination between music and drama was in Vivaldi's Aria "Sposa son Disprezzata" where Claire Meghnagi portrayed the murderer's young mother, and succeeded to illustrate in a heart-breaking way his need of mother's love. This was a truly moving moment, in which Meghnagi proved us once again what a fantastic singer and actress she is..."
Omer Shomrony, Globes, 2.5.2013

"The music suggests an ocean of colors... performed by two enchanting voices of two very different sopranos, each superb in her own way"
Merav Yudilovich, YNET, 2.5.2013

"Ravishing musical performance... two wonderful singers – Israeli Claire Meghnagi as well as Bernarda Bobro, singing the ultimate operatic virtuosity: arias by Vivaldi, Weber, Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn..."
Noam Ben Ze'ev, Ha'aretz, 6.5.2013


Israel Chamber Orchestra – Dixit Dominus

"Claire Meghnagi, whom the audience remembers well from her dazzling performance earlier this season in Haydn's Schöpfung, dazzled yet again with the delightful gleam and flexibility of her voice"

Amir Kidron, Music4awhile.com, 20.1.2013

"Claire Meghnagi, with her powerful free voice, overshadowed the other soloists… the duet De Torrente in via Bibet was the evening's highlight"

Hagai Hitron, Ha'aretz, 17.1.2013

Bremer Philharmoniker – Schauspielmusik zu Egmont, Aria Marzelline/ Fidelio

"Perfect beyond doubt was soprano Claire Meghnagi who mastered her songs with an outstanding stunning resonant voice"

(Markus Wilks, Bremer Nachrichten, 17.12.12)

Israel Chamber Orchestra – Die Schöpfung (Gabriel/Eva)

"Ihr Reizender Gesang... Claire Meghnagi was way ahead of her peers – a fine example of absolute professionalism… there are not enough words to describe her performance. In short: Complete Perfection! If heaven exists, this is how the angels would sound like – pure gleaming voice, crystal clear, glowing as a diamond, supported by remarkable singing technique. I mean not only her excellent designed coloraturas, but also – and mostly - her focused vocal production. Her voice penetrates the space as a laser beam, without changing its beautiful color even in the highest register. On the contrary, her voice remains soft and round in all register ranges… the sky is the limit"

www.tav-et.com 27.10.2012


"God created the light too, this time brought to us by the soloists: Tenor Thomas Michael Allen, Baritone Kay Stiefermann, and Soprano Claire Meghnagi… beautiful steady voice, effortless sound, clear diction and deep spiritual interpretation. What else can we ask for?"

Maxim Reider, Yediot Acharonot, 31.10.2012

Netanya Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra - Matthäus-Passion

"This night had two distinct stars. First is soprano Claire Meghnagi, one of Israel's best baroque singers to emerge in recent years. Her Musical expression and delivery were genuinely touching, her singing personal, warm and heart-rending. We were lucky to receive a bonus: Mendelssohn's version gave the beautiful "Erbarme Dich" to his soprano, and so we received Meghnagi in a magnificent performance that received enthusiastic applause in the middle of the concert. This is perhaps not very customary, but felt completely right. Another highlight was the heart breaking aria "Aus Liebe", which was in my opinion, this concert emotional peak."

Omer Shomrony, Globes, October 10, 2012 http://omershomrony.com/

"It happened during the second half of the season opening concert … The spiritual tension in the Reccanatti Hall of Tel Aviv museum rose during the performance. In the end of the famous aria "Erbarme Dich", a humble prayer for compassion that comes from deep in the heart, the audience broke down. Loud, enthusiastic applause and ovations to the singer, soprano Claire Meghnagi, filled the hall. The Israeli singer, much in demand in Israel and abroad, was at her best. Beautiful clean voice full of emotion and nuance, poised while expressing the words through music…"

Maxim Reider, Yediot Achronot, October 16, 2012

New Israeli Opera - Orfeo ed Euridice (Euridice)


"Claire Meghnagi, his Euridice, has a beautiful soprano that sounded especially rich and expressive in her duet with Orfeo"
Opera News, 16.5.2012

"Meghnagi returns to the Israeli Opera after too long of absence… this singer sets a league of her own. It is difficult to describe in words the beauty and quality of her voice, enough to say that even her most simple recitative gets volume and presence without comprehension"

Tav-et.com. 12.5.12

"The great success of this production was the soloists – all Israeli singers. Wonderful Euridice… Claire Meghnagi makes a strong character, demanding Orfeo's love and attention - thus emphasizing even more his fear and hesitancy… Meghnagi is genuine and true moving singer"

Ha'aretz, 28.5.12

"Claire Meghnagi has a refined lyric soprano… she created an emotionally disturbed, strong and total Euridice, full of nuances, in which hope, longing and despair all live together under the same roof. She excelled in bringing these emotions to life, expressing them beautifully in her aria Che Fiero Momento"

Sheherezade Magazine, 14.5.12

"Claire Meghnagi (Euridice) is a stage natural; opera is such a good medium for her. Her articulate singing pleased and rang out clearly, her dramatic performance convincing. In duet, Harari and Meghnagi delighted as they convincingly played out the roller coaster of love’s infatuations"

Concertcritique.com, 14.5.12




Reviews of Handel's Giulio Cesare in Egitto – Cleopatra

Finnish National Opera, January 2012


"Superb... the concluding duet was as perfect as anything that had been heard earlier… a beautiful voice, with enough power to carry even in a rather large hall, and her coloratura technique is fabulousIsraeli soprano Claire Meghnagi, is a marvellous actress as well."

Seen and Heard International 21.1.12

"Claire Meghanagi dazzled and cunning, sexually self-assured of Cleopatra, a glowing light, precise soprano reigned supreme sky lightly. Both soloists were the center of the blade element… spontaneity, expressiveness, and relaxation combined with an ideal, fixed and mobile voice formation and polished, heartbreaking interpretation of the listener had to suck greedily each aria…"

Amfiom Finland 21.1.12


"Claire Meghnagi as Cleopatra was suave, seductive, vampish and genuinely sentimental. Her bright soprano scintillated and sparkled."

Matti Saurama, Uutispäivä Demari, 24 January 2012

"Magnificent… Claire Meghnagi is a colourful Cleopatra, a mixture of classical beauty and Noomi Rapace. Her vocal performance was by turns wild and lyrically lovely as required."

Jan Granberg, Hufvudstadsbladet, 22 January 2012



"Claire Meghnagi's soprano shone brightly and fashioned beautiful phrases in her slow aria Se Pieta"

Kirkko&Kaupunki Finland 25.1.12

"Israeli soprano Claire Meghnagi has a lovely, scintillating and sensual voice and a playfully feminine presence"

Hannu-Ilari Lampila, Helsingin Sanomat 24 January 2012

"Italian-Israeli Claire Meghnagi made ​​top performance in the role of Cleopatra"

Hienostelua Finland, 21.1 12

"Claire Meghnagi superbly conveyed the transition of Cleopatra from sex bombshell to mistress. She sang with flirty brilliance but also had her melancholic moments."

Harri Kuusisaari, Etelä-Suomen Sanomat, 24 January 2012

"The second scene in Act II, where Cleopatra sings one of her many arias, is the most entrancing vision ever seen on the FNO stage. A large part of the enchantment is of course due to Claire Meghnagi, who was stunningly wonderful as Cleopatra"

Jaakko Haapaniemi, Länsi-Savo, 24 January 2012

"Claire Meghnagi (Cleopatra) had a crystal-clear soprano that effortlessly traced the ornamentation in her slow arias"

Risto Nordell, Salon Seudun Sanomat, 22 January 2012

"Particularly enjoyable was listening to Claire Meghnagi beautiful and chirpy Cleopatra…" Ilkka Finland, 24.1.12

Musik Konzept – The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a serial killer Tour in North America

"Both women sang beautifully and the music was a pleasure to listen to"

Capital Critique's Circle, October 4, 2011

"The singing was largely compelling, too, vocally and dramatically, as the singers interacted with Malkovich/Unterweger, archetypes of the women he has victimized. They get killed and caressed as they sing, have their bellies petted, their breasts probed, their necks nuzzled... highly colored performances that Klussmann and Meghnagi delivered"

Ann Arbor.com, October 2, 2011

"It is impossible to shut off one's heart in the presence of live music as passionate and beautiful as conductor, Martin Haselbock has put together. The arias in particular are exquisite"

Blast Magazine Boston, September 30, 2011

"Klussman and Meghnagi sang a beautiful array of Mozart, Haydn, Gluck, and Vivaldi...the sopranos represented the various women in Unterweger's life and, communicated mainly through physical and vocal expression... Meghnagi sang touchingly while Unterweger covered the face and body of his dead victim..."

Boston Examiner, September 30, 2011

"Meghnagi -- having soothed Jack with Vivaldi's "Sposa son disprezzata" -- is the first to be brutally knocked to the ground... The young singers deserve praise for both their fortitude and musical aptitude"

Theatermania, September 30, 2011

"Each oral chapter concludes with an aria—eight in all—from Gluck, Mozart, Haydn, Vivaldi and others, sung by two attractive, talented young sopranos... The two sopranos' beautiful voices provide an inspired counterpoint. They provide a living soundtrack to and a deliciously ironic commentary on Unterweger's disturbingly evil confessions. The two women elegantly represent and act as Jack Unterweger's mother, lovers and prostitutes--both alive and dead... The singers and conductor are more than musicians. They are actors in the drama, players in the narrative."

Berkshire fine arts, September 29, 2011

Burgarena Reinsberg - 10 Years Gala Concert for the Opera Festival

"Claire Meghnagi shone brilliantly numerous times on stage this Friday... she only arrived from Tel Aviv the day before..."

NÖN - Niederösterreichische Nachrichten, September 13, 2011

Eilat Chamber Music Festival - The Venetian Masque

"Best of all, the Jewish festival of Purim was marked by an unusual celebration – a Venetian masque. A loose yet lovely narrative structure based around different kinds of love traversed traditional Venetian songs and works... a spirit of off-kilter fun pervaded the show, with humor... soprano Claire Meghnagi (dark, focused tone) found repose, languor, and reflection aplenty... top honours... to Avi Avital's supple, thrusting mandolin-playing..."

Gramophone UK, June 2011 Issue

New Israeli Opera - Handel Israel in Egypt

"Meghnagi has much musical personality, her solos compelling; issuing in the final chorus with two unaccompanied phrases, her singing had listeners sitting on the edge of their seats."

Concertcritique.com, April 12, 2011

"The six soloists, all Israelis, did an extraordinary work, first and foremost soprano Claire Meghnagi..."

Ha'aretz, Israel, April 12, 2011

Wiener Akademie - Handel Messiah at Vienna's Musikverein

"Claire Meghnagi is an Excellent Soprano"

Heinz Sichrovsky, News, Austria, 6 December 2010

Wiener Akademie - Handel Acis and Galatea (Galatea) at Burgarena Reinsberg

"Claire Meghnagi as Galatea and James Oxley as Acis seem pleasantly in command - both are musically flawless, stylistically confident and at the same time brilliant as actors."

Kronen Zeitung, Austria, 31 July 2010

"The orchestra is fine-tuned and the ensemble is grandiose, first and foremost Claire Meghnagi as an enchanting Galatea, James Oxley as the stromy Acis & Tomasz Konieczny as a fremzied Polyphem"

NÖN - Niederösterreichische Nachrichten, Austria, 4 August 2010

Retrospect Ensemble - Purcell Fairy Queen at Wigmore Hall

"Claire Meghnagi, blessed with the gorgeous dawn aria, sounded especially bright and sure"

Music OMH, UK, April 2010

Barrocade Ensemble - Purcell Fairy Queen

"Singing of caressing quality from soprno Claire Meghnagi..."

Haaretz, Israel, December 1, 2009

A stunning voice... full of charm in the Spring and Hark the echoing air arias"

Telavivcity.com, December 5, 2009

Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra - Handel Alexander's Feast

"If I had to indicate last night's star, I would immediately point out the enchanting soprano Claire Meghnagi. Meghnagi was a brilliant cast in every way - one of Israel's best baroque singers; she performes quite a lot abroad in recent years as well. Among others, she collaborated with the legendary William Christie, and the experience and ripeness she gained were well shown last night. Her singing was pure, refined, full of elegance and expression, leading her audience into tears in several points. After her arias I was really upset that the frozen format of modern concert prevented us from bursting in applause and demand she sings them again. Such applause were totally in place"

Globes, Israel, October 22, 2009

"A delightful experience - as expected, to a large extent thanks to the radiant performance of soprano Claire Meghnagi..."

Haaretz, Israel, October 22, 2009

"Soprano Claire Meghnagi's performance was outstanding. Her gorgeous, pearly voice is consistent in all registers, she weaves emotional meaning into melodic lines, gliding easily and leaning comfortably into ornaments. The audience was moved by the brilliance, the beauty and the poignancy of her performance"

concertcritique.com, October 26, 2009

Israeli Opera - Matthaeus-Passion

"... First, the magnificent soprano Claire Meghnagi, who represents Israel in the prestigious BBC Singer of the World competition in Cardiff this coming June. I will not be surprised if she comes out the winner. Meghnagi is among the sopranos that don't need to worry about the acoustics of the performing arts center. Her voice carries through all the acoustics problems, and penetrates, pure, to the ears of her listeners. She is poised, tender and delicate, and sings without any mannerism. While she was singing one could feel the heights this piece could really take off to"

telavivcity.com, Israel, April 13 2009

"As Expected, the aria Aus Liebe will mein Heiland Sterben was the highlight of the event, thanks to Claire Meghnagi's lucid soprano and the soft, tender playing of flutist Noam Buchman"

Haaretz, Israel, April 6 2009

Voice of Music Festival - Baroque Matinee

"Fortunately, the monotonous color was broken by soprano Claire Meghnagi, who poured much vigor into the concert hall; her lucid voice and the operatic drama in her character brought much joy to the concert"

Haaretz, Israel, July 30, 2008

Felicja Blumental International Music Festival - Carnival in Venice

"Israeli soprano Claire Meghnagi, in works by Monteverdi, Vivaldi and more, gave a sublime performance, transcending to refined standards of international baroque specialists"

Haaretz, Israel, May 21, 2008

Les Arts Florissants - Le Jardin des Voix international concert tour

ArmideAmong the four sopranos Claire Meghnagi had the most strikingly operatic sound, in terms of projection, power and suppleness, qualities she put to superb use in the Prologue from Monteverdi's 'Orfeo'...

The New York Times, USA, April 4, 2007

And we shall give so much to see again on stage... the soprano Claire Meghnagi...>

Le Monde de la Musique, France, issue 319 April 2007

It was in numbers from Monteverdi's Orfeo that two soloists stood out: British tenor Nicholas Watts... and Israeli-Italian soprano Claire Meghnagi whose voice is... big and radiant in La Musica's introduction to the opera. All the others were onstage to listen to her; this might have been part of Rooke's plan, but perhaps it was because they didn't want to miss the most promising singing of the evening

The Guardian, UK, March 29, 2007

The second flower was Claire Meghnagi, who dared in the aria of La Musica from Orfeo and gave one of the most beautiful moments of the night with her voice of beautiful color, almost white in the pianissimi and her attractive embellishments...

Diario de Sevilla, Spain, March 29, 2007

"Fortunately, there were also successes. The young Israeli-Italian soprano Claire Meghnagi showed the spirit and vocal character that could bring Monteverdi and Handel solos vividly to life"

The Financial Times, UK, March 28, 2007

"Claire Meghnagi charmed with her silvery gleam..."

The London Times, UK, March 2, 2007

"The aria from L'Orfeo brought a performance from the stronger-voiced Claire Meghnagi which was full of feeling..."

The Classical Source, UK, March 27,2007

"Claire Meghnagi wakes the Prologue from L'Orfeo to new life..."

Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany, March 25. 2007

"Claire Meghnagi giving a spirited performance of La Musica's Dal mio Permesso amato..."

Musical Pointers, UK, March 24, 2007

"Claire Meghnagi gave inspired, luminous and carnal interpretation of La Musica"

Altamusica, France, March14, 2007

"It showed the very personal warm voice of Claire Meghnagi..."

ABC.es de sevilla, Spain, March 13, 2007

"The minute soprano Claire Meghnagi started to sing, a beautiful voice with a unique colored vibrao that touched me deeply... she seemed to be able to sing anything on one breath, and her piano notes carried consistently... in contrast to the other singers she needs no work for her perfect dramatic skills and her expressive voice... Claire Meghnagi - a name to remember"

Il grand Inquisitor, Belgium, March 5, 2007

"Claire Meghnagi unfolds the air of La Musica from l'Orfeo with a natural touch"

Ouest-France, France, March 3, 2007

Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra - The Messiah

"Among the soloists, Claire Meghnagi's bright, light soprano and effortless coloraturas were a pure delight. Her persuasive 'Rejoice Greatly' evoked just that feeling in her listeners, and her 'I know that my Redeemer Liveth' was one of the performance's highlights."

Jerusalem Post, Israel, December 25, 2006

"Soprano Claire Meghnagi demonstrated ability to sing in the baroque style... (For example in the aria I know that my Redeemer Liveth)

Haaretz, Israel, December 25, 2006

Solo Recital, Abu-Gosh Festival

"One of the festival's highlights was at Saturday afternoon, at the Crusader's Church, when the Meghnagi family performed one after the other, and in wonderful singing combined between Vivaldi and Handel, and original Jewish prays from Tripoli ("Piyutim"). Hearing the wonderful Claire Meghnagi sing Handel and Gabrielli in crystal clear soprano, and Villa-Lobos in noble singing, with sensitive accompaniment of cellist Zvi Orlianski (her husband), is a rare unexpected combination, to which the audience responded in tears of excitement"

Ma'ariv, Israel, October 15, 2006

Israeli Opera - French Opera concert (Olympia, Therese)

"Excellent singing of Claire Meghnagi..."

Haaretz, Israel, August 11, 2006

Israeli Philharmonic Orchesta Ensemble - Dixit Dominus

"Soloists Claire Meghnagi and Shira Raz were exceptional"

Ma'ariv, Israel, June 5, 2006

Abu-Gosh Festival - Brahms' Ein Deutches Requiem

"It was an energetic humane performance, with no compromise, in which we have discovered... the voices of two wonderful impressive soloists - the great deep bass of Alexey Kanounikoff and the amazingly beautiful soprano of Claire Meghnagi"...

Ma'ariv, Israel, October 26, 2005

Solo Recital, Abu-Gosh Festival

"Soprano Claire Meghnagi sang at the beginning prays and songs of the Jewish of Livorno and Tripoli, with her father Isacco Meghnagi, and in this short part of the performance the interaction between the special acoustic terms of the place and the artists was excellent...pleasant impression was left by a series of baroque arias sang by the very beautiful voice of Meghnagi, accompanied by the players"

Haartez, Israel, October 25, 2005

Haifa Symphony Orchestra - Don Giovanni (Zerlina)

Don Giovannai"Claire Meghnagi as charming Zerlina... shows great potential"

Kol Israel radio, July 24, 2005

Israeli Chamber Orchestra - And the Rat Laughed (The Granddaughter)

"The soloists ensemble gave some very impressive moments... Claire Meghnagi in the role of the granddaughter... performed character with great stage presence..."

Habama, Israel, May 2005

"Each word is sung with clear Hebrew, the roles are modeled with emotional conviction - Bavat Marom as the grandmother, Claire Meghnagi as her granddaughter..."

Haaretz, Israel, April 12,2005

Harvard Early Music Society - The Triumph of Camilla (Tullia)

In this Harvard production, Israeli-born Claire Meghnagi was among the most polished and winning voice - a liquid soprano that melted the heart. Paired with baritone Neil Davidson... Meghnagi unlocked a chemistry that transcended the Bononcini score.

American Record Guide, USA, March/April 2003