Handel – Aci Galatea e Polifemo (Aci)/ Jerusalem Baroque Orchesta (2018)

“Claire Meghnagi creates a dazzling, lovely Aci”
Yossi Shiffmann, Israeli Public Braodcasting Corporation

“A great drama… deeply moving. The experienced soprano Claire Meghnagi mastered the role, as expected, with overwhelming coloraturas”
Hagai Hitron, Ha’aretz

“Handel’s ravishing, ebullient score calls for three superior singers. In the trouser role of Aci (it is presumed that Handel cast Aci as a high soprano castrato) soprano Claire Meghnagi’s supple voice, her wide, easeful and accessible range and empathy with the role made for a convincing performance. One of the work’s most delightful moments was “Qui l’augel da pianta in pianta” (Here the bird flies from tree to tree), in which violin (Noam Schuss), oboe (Shai Kribus) and Meghnagi imitate and ornament to present birdsong effects…”
Pamela Hickman,

A special interview for ISRAEL21c channel – being an Israeli opera singer and growing up in Israel, in the occasion of Israel’s 70 Independence day

Singing since age two, soprano Claire Meghnagi looks back on her childhood as the daughter of an Italian-Israeli cantor.

Opera singer Claire Meghnagi recalls growing up in 1970s Israel in a musical family. Her cantor father stood her on a tabletop to sing for guests, and on Shabbat took her and her sister to the shore, where they relished eating sandwiches made of challah and cheese — with a big sprinkling of sand.

Ravel Hebrew Songs with the Israeli Camerata (2017)

“Soprano Claire Meghnagi is extraordinary… the emotional peak was Ravel’s “Deux Melodies Hébraïques” (Kaddish from the prayer and L’énigme Eternelle in Yiddish) in Meghnagi’s crystal clear singing” Ha’aretz

Notte di Tempesta – Handel Arias CD (2016-2017)

“Virtuoso opening – “Da Tempesta” from Giulio Cesarea. Claire Meghnagi possesses a beautiful, crystal clear powerful voice, and delightful contemporary baroque style: beautiful ornaments and vibrato control all in the exact right amount… gorgeous sound. I especially loved the two arias sequence: first lyric – “Wil the sun forget to streak” from Solomon, and immediately after the virtuoso coloratura aria “Che non puo la Gelosia” from Aci, Galatea e Polifemo… floated in Meghnagi’s performance in spectacular ease and lightness. The audience demanded an anchor… Claire Meghnagi sang with much gleam and grace, and Barrocade’s period instruments polished playing, full of rhythm and energy, showed how beautifully music crosses the limits of time. ” Ha’aretz

“Outstanding in particular is Aci’s aria Qui l’Augel da Pianta in Pianta (Aci, Galatea e Polifemo)… this stunning yet highly demanding aria, very high in tessitura, is performed by Meghnagi with remarkable sensitivity and extraordinary technique. Overall, Meghnagi’s singing demonstrates how even intimate, quiet sentimental moments can be full of drama, like the Queen of Sheba’s aria Will the Sun forget to Streak from Solomon, as the queen departs from Solomon” Yediot Achronot

Lonley Bird CD (2016)

“Zehavi’s writing is tonal or tonally based, straightforward, and easy to follow… Meghnagi has a clear, expressive voice… The writing is unusual but effective; there are some fine songs here” (American Record Guide)

“All the songs in this CD benefit from Meghnagi’s radiant voice and exquisite singing” Ha’aretz

S. Haddad/Stabat Mater, Intonations Festival, Berlin (2016)

“Claire Meghnagi accurately leads this short piece, giving it additional meaning with her very expressive soprano” Der Tagesspiegel

Handel – Giulio Cesare in Egitto (Cleopatra) / Estonian National Opera@ Tallin-TLV Festival (2016)

“Claire Meghnagi’s wonderful Cleopatra, who most of all dazzled… with her humor, charisma, sex appeal and outstanding musicality and vocal production.” Music4awhile

“Extraordinary Israeli soloists Claire Meghnagi and Yaniv d’Or… demonstrated refined baroque style ” Ha’aretz

Poulenc – Les mamelles de Tirésias (Thérèse/Tirésias, 2015)

“In the title role of Thérèse/Tirésias, perfect opera artist Claire Meghnagi… exceptionally prominent as a top singer belonging to highest level” Ha’aretz

Barrocade Ensemble – Handel GLORIA & Arias (2014)

“The Gloria was truly dazzling – a remarkable technical display by Claire Meghnagi, demonstrating an astonishing vocal agility and powerful penetrating voice” Ha’aretz

“Claire Meghnagi was most prominent with her dramatic and impressive sound…” Yossi Schiffman, Israeli Radio Kol Israel

The Sparkle of Baroque – Israeli Conservatory Baroque Series (2014)

“It is a great pleasure to listen to Meghnagi, who in recent years gained experience at the world’s most important venues – and brought it here with her poised technique, expressive singing, superb acting skills and lots of humor.” Ha’aretz