Finnish National Opera – Giulio Cesarea in Egitto (Cleopatra, 2012)

“Superb… the concluding duet was as perfect as anything that had been heard earlier… a beautiful voice, with enough power to carry even in a rather large hall, and her coloratura technique is fabulousIsraeli soprano Claire Meghnagi, is a marvelous actress as well.” Seen and Heard International

“Claire Meghanagi dazzled and cunning, sexually self-assured of Cleopatra… spontaneity, expressiveness, and relaxation combined with an ideal flexible voice and polished, heartbreaking interpretation…”Amfiom Finland

“Claire Meghnagi as Cleopatra was suave, seductive, vampish and genuinely sentimental. Her bright soprano scintillated and sparkled.”Uutispäivä Demari

“Magnificent… Claire Meghnagi is a colourful Cleopatra, a mixture of classical beauty and Noomi Rapace. Her vocal performance lovely, lyrical and free as required.” Hufvudstadsbladet

“Claire Meghnagi’s soprano shone brightly and fashioned beautiful phrases in her slow aria Se PietaKirkko&Kaupunki Finland

“Israeli soprano Claire Meghnagi has a lovely, scintillating and sensual voice and a playfully feminine presence” Helsingin Sanomat

“Italian-Israeli Claire Meghnagi made ​​top performance in the role of Cleopatra” Hienostelua Finland

“Claire Meghnagi superbly conveyed the transition of Cleopatra from sex bombshell to mistress. She sang with flirty brilliance but also had her melancholic moments.” Etelä-Suomen Sanomat

“The most entrancing vision ever seen on the FNO stage… A large part of the enchantment is of course due to Claire Meghnagi, who was stunningly wonderful as Cleopatra” Länsi-Savo

“Claire Meghnagi has a crystal-clear soprano that effortlessly traced the ornamentation in her slow and fast arias” Salon Seudun Sanomat