Les Arts Florissants – Le Jardin des Voix international concert tour (2007)

“Claire Meghnagi had the most   strikingly operatic sound, in terms of projection, power and suppleness, qualities she put to superb use in the Prologue from Monteverdi’s ‘Orfeo’…” The New York Times

“Israeli-Italian soprano Claire Meghnagi whose voice is… big and radiant in La Musica’s introduction to the opera. All the others were onstage to listen to her… perhaps it was because they didn’t want to miss the most promising singing of the evening”  The Guardian, UK

“Claire Meghnagi…  gave one of the most beautiful moments of the night with her voice of beautiful color, almost white in the pianissimi and her attractive embellishments”  Diario de Sevilla, Spain

“The young Israeli-Italian soprano Claire Meghnagi showed the spirit and vocal character that could bring Monteverdi and Handel solos vividly to life” The Financial Times, UK

“Claire Meghnagi charmed with her silvery gleam…” The London Times, UK

“The aria from L’Orfeo brought a performance from the stronger-voiced Claire Meghnagi which was full of feeling…” The Classical Source, UK

“Claire Meghnagi wakes the Prologue from L’Orfeo to new life…” Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany

“Claire Meghnagi gave inspired, luminous and carnal interpretation of La Musica” Altamusica, France, March14, 2007

“Beautiful voice with a unique colored vibrao that touched me deeply… she seemed to be able to sing anything on one breath, and her piano notes carried consistently… in contrast to the other singers she needs no work for her perfect dramatic skills and her expressive voice… Claire Meghnagi – a name to remember” Il grand Inquisitor, Belgium